"Must-See Documentary" -NY Times
When the residents of Budrus learn that the Israeli Army will be building the separation barrier through their town, a father and daughter band together to form a non-violent protest. More >

Catherine Deneuve in Lebanon!
538I Want to See
While visiting Beirut to attend a glamorous gala, iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve insists "I want to see" the carnage wrought against southern Lebanon in 2006. More >
Norm Finkelstein—American Radical!
509American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
is the probing documentary portrait of American academic Norm Finkelstein, a devoted son of holocaust survivors who has been at the center of many intractable controversies. More >

The History of Iraqi Jews in Israel
265Forget Baghdad
Winner of a 2002 Locarno Jury Prize, FORGET BAGHDAD tells the forgotten story of four Iraqi Jews, all former members of the communist party forced to emigrate at Israel's founding. More >
Chahine's masterpiece now on DVD!
28Cairo Station
This 50th Anniversary Special Edition DVD showcases one of Youssef Chahine's most popular films. The disc includes the short documentary, "Cairo as Seen by Chahine" as a bonus feature! More >

Part 2 of Khemir's "Desert Trilogy"
50Dove's Lost Necklace, The
Set in Andalusia during the eleventh century this is the fairytale story of Hassan, a calligraphy student obsessed with love. More >
Two films by Mohammed Bakri
519Jenin Jenin & Since You Left
These two important documentaries by popular Palestinian actor/director Mohammed Bakri are now available together on one DVD for the first time ever! More >

A rare look at Yemen
61English Sheik and the Yemeni Gentleman, The
Bader, a British-born Yemeni living in London after his parents' exile, returns to Yemen to re-discover his country, its people and traditions. More >
Voices of women leaders in Islam
507Veiled Voices
In director Brigid Maher's insightful documentary, three influential women Islamic leaders in Lebanon, Egypt and Syria are profiled—along with their families and the communities in which they serve. More >

A music-filled feature from Egypt!
457Dunia — Kiss Me Not On the Eyes
In the latest film from Jocelyne Saab (Once Upon a Time: Beirut), a young dancer learns that she must confront the traditions of her culture before she will ever truly be able to experience pleasure. More >
An Arab cinema classic
127Wanderers of the Desert
A meditation on the impact of waning cultures, this film follows a young teacher who is sent to a small town where he finds all of its inhabitants living under a curse. More >
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